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5 Website Tips to Attract More Customers

5 Website Tips to Attract More Customers

An Overview

In the coronavirus pandemic, more than half the businesses in India were affected drastically. Whether you are just setting up an e-commerce website or you already have your online store, you are not likely to achieve your business goals unless you are not able to find a way to attract clients to your e-business. You must have an influential online presence in order to bring in more and more customers. You can increase traffic significantly to your online website and reach your sales goals with the right strategies. However, it may be difficult to figure out which tactics will have the greatest impact on your business. In this blog, we, at Visual Best, have brought to you some effective, helpful tips to draw in more customers, thus building a strong customer base.

Attract More And More Customers With These Tips Below

  1. Keep Your GMB Profile Up-To-Date
    1. Impressions matter a lot. The primary way to draw in more customers is by gaining their trust. The more reliable and professional you appear, the more people would want to click on your website’s link from the search results. Your brand’s GMB (Google My Business) profile plays a vital role in this.
      • Google takes direct ranking signals from your GMB profile for your website. So, it is important to make sure that you have claimed it, optimised it and branded it.
      • You must make sure that the reviews on your website are positive, relevant and highly detailed. Also, it is important that you take your own good time to respond to those reviews, whether they are excellent or poor.
      • Use the GMB account of your brand to add a business description to your profile. This will summarize all the details of what your company is all about, what it does, along with including a call-to-action for customers to follow. This is where you can utilise your target keywords.
    2. It is important that you stimulate reliability and trustworthiness. This begins with the first profile your customers will see when they decide to Google your company.
  2. Don’t Miss Out On Internal Links
    1. No matter the pages on your website, whether it is an existing blog or individual product page, you will be missing out on a tremendous trick if you do not include internal links in the content. This is because the Search Engine and internal links go hand in hand. These links help search engines comprehend the relevance and purpose of the content, as well as determine the overall quality and the structure of your website. This further helps Google better establish the ranking of your website, thereby allowing you to prove your most essential pages a higher link value. Basically, when you add internal links to your web pages, it enhances your website’s SEO, therefore, helping you in going on higher ranking and significantly boosting your number of conversions as well. This particular tip may be a little difficult to pan out. To utilise the power of internal links, you can always hire a web designer in India who will take care of your entire website, let alone add internal links.
  3. Pop-Up Are Extremely Helpful
    1. Even though there are a lot of people who find pop-ups really annoying and disturbing, they are, in fact, a very useful tool when it comes to keeping your customers engaged. When pop-ups are utilised perfectly, they can boost your conversion rates by nearly 10%. These pop-ups are easy to generate and can come in various formats- be it newsletters, free stuff, offers, sign-up options, among other things. If you are able to offer something engaging and interesting like a discount offer, your pop-up can be an excellent experience for your customers. Visual Best, one of the best web design and development companies in India, is there to generate interesting, exciting and engaging pop-ups for your business, thereby bringing in more customers. We suggest you also consider setting a cookie for your main web pages so that your pop-ups only comes on once per user. Doing this will keep your audience from getting irritated, and will help your pop-ups be beneficial for your website’s engagement.
  4. Carry Out An A/B Test For Your Headlines
    1. The headings and sub-headings that you use in your content make a significant difference to both the conversions you earn as well as the number of customers you attract. According to surveys performed, more than 85% of the users tend to read headline copy whereas only 15% of them carry on to read the entire content. Hence, it is essential that you make your headlines relevant and engaging to the page, or else your customers may lose interest almost immediately. You can experiment with the tone, length numbers and statistics that you use to A/B test your headlines efficiently. You can then utilise the results to enhance the existing as well as future website copy. By doing this, you can see for sure whether your content is optimised to draw in customers.

Let’s Wrap Up!

We are certain that following the tips discussed above will draw in more and more customers to your website. Visual Best is an affordable web design company in India that offers all the services that you need in order to attract more customers. Apart from this, our services include web designing, web development, social media marketing, infographics and e-learning videos, to name a few. So, if you are looking for a web design company in India that can help you achieve your e-business goals, get in touch with Visual Best and we will start building towards an attractive, engaging website for your business.