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Explainer Videos Impact On Content Marketing

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos Impact On Content Marketing

Explainer videos are having an enormous impact on content marketing strategy in today’s market generation but without a clear understanding of it, one just can’t follow the mass. So, here we have gathered the most effective benefits of explainer videos to help you understand the job.

The time has gone when the only source of marketing was newspapers, direct mails, consumer magazines, and fewer tv advertisements. The world has changed a lot in these past years and so the marketing techniques are evolving rapidly. Text-based websites and contents become outdated now and people are running more towards screaming internet and watching videos. And it’s all because scientifically, our eyes love visuals more than text ( We’ll discuss it more later in the blog).

In order to make people engage with your brand, Explainer videos are the most essential tool for escalating your brand awareness and we are not the ones saying this, Here are some surveys that will provoke you to take a move towards including videos in your content marketing strategy-

  • According to Google if your website has video content there are 53x more chances that your content will appear on the first page rather than a text-based website.
  • Facebook averages more than 4 billion video streams every day and the counting is still growing.
  • According to YouTube, Youtube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month.
  • Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.
  • According to Aberdeen’s report, marketers who are using video are seeing 49% faster growth in revenue.

But, if you are still in a dilemma whether videos are truly an effective choice for online content marketing strategy, this blog has some deep insights of all the lucrative things an animated explainer video can provide to your brand that will help you to get answers of all the underlying doubts.

But before that, let’s have a look at what actually is an explainer video and the types of explainer videos you can choose for your content marketing strategy.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Visual Best Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short animated video having visuals in the form of graphics or characters that represents a business idea in a simple, attractive and appealing way. By indulging the audience into entertainment and fun, explainer videos are the best source of communication and allow visitors to engage well with your message and have a better understanding of your products and services.

Some Popular Types Of Explainer Videos

2D Character Animation

It is the most popular type of explainer videos since it is emotion evoking and revolves around the character so more appealing to the viewers. This type of video is created in a 2D space as an illusion of depth.

2D Motion Graphics Animation

2D motion graphics animation is slightly straightforward. These types of animation videos are used by the companies having complicated products or services and they want to explain them to the viewers in a more interesting way.

Whiteboard Animation Video

It is one of the most popular types of explainer videos. Such type of videos is used by the companies for better process explanation of their products or services. This consists of drawing simple black and white illustrations on the whiteboard to explain the concept.


Stop Motion

It is a unique effect consisting of a series of individual photographs that create an illusion of movement when played as a sequence. This type of video is a highly creative way to engage the audience.


Live Action

Live-action explainer videos are a great way to establish a personal relationship between companies and potential customers by showing real people explaining about brands product and services in real scenes.


As we have discussed what is explainer video and the most popular types of it, its time to shift the focus on what kind of benefits it can bring on content marketing strategy and acts as a boon to your brand engagement among people. Besides these, there are some more types of explainer videos that businesses are involving in their marketing strategy, So, we leave it on you to decide which one aligns well with your business aspirations.

How Explainer Videos Can Boost Up Content Marketing?

An explainer video is not just a great way to give exposure to your business operations but it is the most powerful way of selling them to the people around the world through content marketing. Now, Let’s see some of the major impacts of using explainer video in your marketing strategy.

Explainer videos boost engagement rate

Now, it’s not a hidden fact that Google, the world’s number one search engine gives more priority to the websites containing high visual contents rather than a site having nothing to watch in but only texts. The basic fact about this Google love to distribute the information that is more user-friendly and that can entertain and educate searchers in a useful manner. SEO(Search engine optimization) considers video as one of the most interesting forms of online content is not under the wraps and there are basically two reasons why explainer videos are in charge of boosting engagement rate –

-The more amount of time a user spends on your site without navigating away, the higher the site quality is considered by ranking algorithms. The average human attention span is 7-8 sec on a text-based website, by adding video content to your website results in increasing the span time to 2 mins on average. That’s a huge amount of boost. Video content keeps users engaged with your content as compared to static content.

-The world’s second most utilized search engine Youtube is owned by Google and by embedding youtube videos to your website provides an opportunity to include keywords on the video itself, moreover, it can increase the chances 50x of your website to likely to appear on the first page of Google search.

Explainer videos deliver a clear-cut message

The reason why explainer videos are effective and appealing is they are short, accurate and looks visually awesome to the eyes. The same message your text can deliver in 150 words a video can do its job in less than a minute. They grab viewers’ attention and make them stick to your webpage to watch what’s coming next. They are helpful and without any long-cooked story, they directly take viewers to the important aspect of your business operations but the time limit of your video should not exceed a time frame of 2 mins as a long stretched video can even result in losing interests of viewers. The explainer video delivers your key message to the audience as your first impression on them so make sure to implement it perfectly!

Explainer videos showcase your brand identity in a much powerful way

Communication is the primary step of getting your brand in exposure to the target customers. Explainer videos are dynamic in nature- the cool graphics animations, movements of characters, pictures, the presence of music and effects adds an extra pleasant flavor to your brand existence. People know who they are talking to and explainer videos give them nonrobotic feels. Moreover, when you create an explainer video you used to give your heart and sweat to it in order to develop the overall structure of your video including your brand colors, typefaces, music, movements, etc to showcase your brand identity in a much thunderous way. Explainer videos evoke the emotions of people, Audience may feel rejoiced or surprised when the right set of emotions have been hit by something that is meaningful and informational, keeping them in touch with that brand always and forever!

Explainer videos are highly shareable

Another biggest advantage of integrating explainer videos into your content marketing strategy is that people love to pass it on with their known ones. In recent times, Videos are having a huge impact on social media. When people like a video, they’re more inclined to share it with their friends, which helps get that video in front of new people. In fact, 48% of video watch time on Facebook comes from shares. On Twitter, It is reported that videos are 6X more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3X more likely than GIFs. According to Youtube, around 300 videos are uploaded to it in a minute and one billion hours is the video consumption rate people watch it on a daily basis. In today’s world of the digital era where videos have an exceptional role to play, Explainer videos now become an imperative choice for content marketing.

Explainer videos are scientifically more appealing

As we have already mentioned in the stats above how visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text, its time to dig deep into it. We humans rely on our senses to bring ideas and concepts to our life. As per Eye-tracking studies, readers pay close attention to the images or visuals containing relevant information rather than reading texts on the page. According to Nielsen research, the maximum amount of time a user stays on a website is around 10 to 20 sec, so we can say that the first 10 secs are quite crucial for any information to be processed. Now if we sum up these two interesting studies, in pursuance of winning a visitor’s heart its essential to present something incredible in those critical 10 secs and videos are extremely impactful when it comes to stealing someone’s attention.

Explainer videos enhance website conversion rates

People hardly have time to stay on a webpage and instead of asking them to visit your website you can guide them in a video where you want to take them in if they are interested to know more about the company. Adding video to your landing page broader the ability to add more targeted keywords in the video itself results in increasing the SEO performance of a website. Moreover, a video beautifully embedded into a landing page adds a professional touch to your site, People will feel connected and this leads to generating trust within them. On top of that, explainer videos make you stand apart from your competitors, it’s true there are thousands of competitors around there selling the same thing in the same marketplace but a video can make a huge difference when it comes to visual and verbal learning. The more creative and catchier the video the more attention your site would get.


The 21st century has been evolving fastly and so the marketing techniques are expanding its boundaries with one after another. In this blog, we have compiled each and every point that could be helpful for you in the context of understanding the need for explainer videos in content marketing strategy. We have covered every aspect of the great influence explainer videos are leaving on the content marketing strategy in this digital era.

One question for you, How do you see the future of explainer videos in the next 20 years??

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.