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How to Make Effective Marketing Campaigns with These Visual Contents

How to Make Effective Marketing Campaigns with These Visual Contents

When you start brainstorming for your next marketing campaign, you need to make a checklist of everything that can stimulate a response from your audience. Of course, a powerful text can get you the attention you need, but visual appeal tends to be more eye-capturing.

According to research, the human brain registers about 90% more information through visual mediums rather than plain text. Also, when you are presenting data, if you add visual aids to it, chances are that more people will be influenced by it. So, here are some visual content ideas you can use to make your marketing campaign more effective.


Image by Saud Edum, Unsplash

Images can often speak a thousand words and keep your audience engaged long enough for them to read the text that follows. Breaking chunks of text with relevant pictures can occupy the consumers’ extended attention. Besides, lengthy text can take away from your communication if your customer is not much of a reader, even if the text is informative and attractive. 

When it comes to photographs, using original images and giving credit to photographers can also add to the effectiveness of your communication. You could also consider clicking pictures yourself and using those to add a personal touch and also save some money from having to purchase someone else’s work. You can also create an image using apps such as Canva or ask permission to use images from free photo-sharing apps such as Flickr


Stop Child Labour – Video by VisualBest Design Agency

Videos are an excellent way to showcase different aspects of your product while narrating a creatively crafted story. Videos frequently come at an added expense, but they are definitely worth their effectiveness and the awareness they can create. Videos have the strength to produce a viral effect where your customers share and promote your campaign organically. 

A study conducted on the efficiency of video communication presented that 96% of conversions were likely if a video was added to the landing page. You can choose different forms of videos such as customer testimonials, product explanations, how-to-videos, animated videos, etc. Just ensure that the video you select to engage with your customers reflects what your brand represents. Don’t forget to check out tools such as InVideo, which can help you create some fantastic videos for your marketing campaign.


WWF presentation by VisualBest

The first visual that may pop in your mind when you hear the word presentation is a corporate office meeting with a display of statistical data. However, presentations can play a crucial role in your marketing campaigns if used imaginatively and resourcefully. Sites such as SlideShare give you a dynamic platform to expand your reach to a broader audience across devices.   

If you have to communicate more than a few words, then presentations can be an effective way to do so. You can add texts, visuals, varied designs and colors, and much more to make your presentation look more appealing. Pay attention to keep the text, colors, and other elements in sync with each slide so there is no sudden jump distracting the consumers. If used to its full potential, presentations can become one of your most advantageous marketing campaign content.


Infographic by Santosh Kushwaha

Infographics can be seen as a shorter and more concise form of presentations limited to specific communication. It is a culmination of your data and statistics into an artistic visual format that can give clear insights to your audience about your product. You can use infographics by combining them with networking elements such as social media, influencers, optimizing landing pages, etc. 

You can craft beautifully designed infographics to make the most monotonous and boring information attractive to your audience. You need to ensure that you choose relevant information to share with your consumers while using text and colors that capture their attention immediately. If you have an incredible infographic, bloggers and social media users will likely share it across platforms and give you some free publicity.

Infographics can also drive traffic to your website. You can disperse the thumbnail of your infographic across social media channels and host the hyperlink of the hi-res of the entire image on your website. Thus, more and more people will visit your website through this medium. 


Source: Google

You simply cannot ignore the power of memes and the command they can have over people. This quirky form of communication was used mainly by college kids as a form of entertainment. However, now companies are tapping into the benefits of memes and including them in their marketing campaigns to make a broader impact. 

While riding the meme wave might seem like an exciting concept, you need to make sure that it adds value to your marketing campaign. You can create your original memes surrounding your niche to connect emotionally with your audience and make them laugh. Memes are something that the younger generation connects with far more than the oldies, So focus on who your target market is before deciding on using memes.


Screenshots might seem like the most trivial form of visual content, but they can be an effective way to build trust among your audience and substantiate your claims. For instance, you can take a screenshot of a function of your product, add a catchy caption to it and share it on the internet. This is a more authenticated way to prove to your customers that your product really does what it says. 

You can even include screenshots in your presentations or infographics and use them in combination for an enhanced outcome. You can even add it to customer testimonials or other marketing tools to improve your integrity. Screenshots can add more significance when showcasing your product information and give a boost to your marketing campaign.

To Conclude…

Visual Content appeals to the masses by connecting with their primitive mind and pushes them to find out more. For any marketing campaign to work, you need to ensure that your visual communications are regular and resonate with your audience. Good visuals have the tendency of organically promoting themselves through your consumers. So, concentrate your efforts on developing creative, appealing, and, more importantly, relevant visual content for an effective marketing campaign.

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