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Infographic Trends 2019

infographics trends 2019

Infographic Trends 2019

Infographics offer an engaging way to bring otherwise dry data to life. The pictorial representation of the data, colorful backgrounds, short, to the point text and easy to understand themes are just some of the reasons why infographics have surpassed other digital marketing strategies in terms of popularity. The massive popularity of these visual pieces has to lead to an abundance of infographics littering the internet, many of which are lackluster at best. To make your infographics truly pop, you’ll need to work with the latest trends and styles.

So, here we have rounded some top trends that will make an impact on infographics design in 2019.

3D Illustrations

3D is a design technique that has been in the dark for the past several years but it seems the isometric design is making a strong comeback. The great thing about adding a three dimensional is, it gives a whole new feeling of depth. It indeed makes the design look real as never before, and enhance engagement with its eye-catching depth. Adding a third dimensional perfectly communicates many concepts more effectively and offers a rich and professional look in the design.


Interactive Infogifs

On top of the leading trends of 2019, there are interactive info gifts.  Filling your infographics with GIFs is a great way to turn a static side of infographics into a much richer, better-rounded experience. Moving visuals tend to generate the highest engagement rates. Not only is this a perfect opportunity to add another level of visual flair to the proceedings, but it’s also a great way to almost hypnotize your reader to compel them to keep scrolling. It simplifies complex concepts into a captivating enhancement as well as they are highly appealing and extremely sharable.


Use of Negative Space

Negative space is among the top trends for 2019. Whether in the form of negative space typography or negative space design elements, this technique makes every design an eye catchy art piece. Negative or white space is an essential part of any good design. Clever use of negative space design can give deeper meaning to your infographics design and help to perceive information properly. When combined with other trendy looks for 2019, such infographics design is simply doomed to success.

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Flat Design

Flat design has been with us for a few years now and it’s not going away anytime soon in 2019 as well. Its simplicity makes it perfect for visualizing complex data and statistics. It’s the safest choice for an infographics design, and you could never go wrong with going flat but due to high competition among flat infographics design, it would be a challenge to escape from the ordinary and come up with something unique and shocking to people. But overall, flat design is recognized as the king of infographics style.


Combination of Different styles

After a few years of flat style dominance, the web needed to mix things up a little bit. Of course, someone may not feel like going to extremes. In that case, you can always strike the right balance through the mix of styles. In 2019, combining flat elements with gradients and textures will be highly trendy. Whether you prefer to design in one color and its nuances, or you’ll bet on a multi-color experience, you don’t need to limit your design elements to only one style. You can play with textures and add some abstract details to give your design a classy look. Pushing the limits is exactly what the users want to see in 2019.


Custom Art Illustrations

Flat infographics are a top trend because of simplicity but they look alike to a certain extent, whereas illustrations make each infographic design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. This is why this trend will inevitably be one of the most preferred in 2019. Custom illustrations, when placed against the backdrop of flat infographics, advantageously stand out. They have almost killed the usual stock photography used before and have way more value; they are unique and will help your infographic draw attention. Plus, this is the style where designers and illustrators conjoin the powers to produce something really innovative and unique.

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Use of Rich and Bright Colours

One of the leading trends for the past few years will continue to rule the web in 2019. There is an extensive number of colour solutions offered to designers these days. The most well-liked are bright and rich colours which are fun and engaging. When combined with flat style illustrations, gradients, 3D graphics, and even photography they easily catch the attention of the user which is exactly what every infographic designer strives for. The only thing is, just be sure to make the design easily readable and avoid bright text on bright backgrounds. However, such designs do look special and alluring.


Incorporate Real-life Photographs

This year bold photos are widely used to illustrate the data; they often serve as backgrounds for info graphs. Photography brings out the best in graphic design. An infographic with photos is highly intriguing and offers a fresh visual appeal. Their use even provides a stunning or clever take on the topic and the message. Infographics that utilize real-life photos are a breath of fresh air in a space crowded with cartoon-style images and we can say that this trend will definitely bring an appealing look to the infographic designs in 2019.


Use of Typography

Creative typography has been a major trend for several years now and it will surely continue to be hit in the year 2019. Typography is the art of depicting text and like any other art; it comes in many shapes and forms. Playful, bold typography is now used not only for reading but for making statements too. Big, bold type tends to be the center of attention, especially when it comes to infographics where you need to place your message properly. Now, the most important rule when it comes to typography in infographic design trends 2019 is: go as creative as you can as long as you keep it readable, As long as readability doesn’t get harmed you can experiment with the way you present your text information.


Make it quotable

Whether it’s for their aspirational quality or their celebrity appeal, people love quotes. Good quotes can bring your infographics to life and confirm your data by thoughts of specialists in the field, it not only makes you seem professional but it will be worth the effort when you see your visitor counter, re-tweets and shares go up.  Also, it helps in verbalizing thoughts and feelings the viewer sympathizes with, Call out strong quotes in your infographics this year to send an appealing memorable message that your viewers will remember for decades.


As we can see, 2018 has proven to be the year of taking risks in graphic design. What one should do then, in order to set a benchmark in 2019? Beat 2018 over the top! So, it turned out the horizon for infographic designers are expanding in 2019. There will be more creativity, more imagination and certainly more innovation in the field of infographics design.

We are absolutely thrilled to know what’s more going to be in store for the world of infographic designs in the year 2019.

Have a Happy Designing!