5 Reasons Newmar Owners LOVE Their
Spartan Chassis

There’s one thing we know for sure about people who own a Newmar RV: They love their Spartan chassis, and they love to tell us all about them! Whether they’re in a Spartan-powered King Aire, London Aire, Mountain Aire, Essex, or Dutch Star, Newmar owners tell us the same great things time and again.

There’s no better handling. There’s no smoother ride. The quality is amazing. The safety is incredible. The community’s like a second family. And most of all, they tell us, the
after-sale support is unbeatable.

But don’t take our word for it — take a look at what Newmar owners have told us about their Spartan chassis.


With industry-best warranties and round-the-clock support, Spartan’s customer care is second to none. We stand up for every owner and behind every chassis, including an industry-first limited lifetime (transferable) frame warranty on every RV chassis Spartan builds. We have hundreds of authorized service centers across the U.S. and Canada, and provide 24/7 support from certified technicians and motorhome experts. We hope our owners never need this type of help, but Newmar owners travel confidently knowing they’re covered if they do.


Spartan chassis help Newmar provide some of the most luxurious and best-handling coaches on the market today. How do we do it? For one thing, Spartan uses top-of-the-line materials and components like American steel, Reyco Granning suspensions, and Bilstein shocks. But Spartan’s whole is even greater than the sum of our parts, as we craft a highly specialized chassis that delivers the smoothest ride and best maneuverability on the road. Add in a best-in-class wheel cut and a passive steer tag axle, and it’s easy to see why Newmar owners rave about our ride.


Newmar owners take pride in knowing that Spartan coaches command a higher resale value. There are several reasons why. For one, every Spartan chassis is built by hand to rigorous standards, utilizing more than 30 years of experience engineering and manufacturing the industry’s best Class A motorhome chassis. And each Spartan chassis is built by an
American-owned company, in Michigan, with American steel. We know a luxury coach is a big investment, and our owners know that the industry’s best chassis makes a Newmar coach a solid investment.


Newmar owners feel confident knowing they’re covered by Spartan’s available Advanced Protection System® (APS). APS is a cutting-edge safety system that delivers key safety features to your coach, such as collision mitigation, electronic stability control, adaptive cruise control, and safer vehicle towing. It even has smart sensors that read your RV’s distance to a potential obstacle, and it can adapt your speed and actively brake the coach to avoid a collision. It’s no surprise that Newmar owners tell us they just feel safer and more relaxed in their coach because they’re riding on a Spartan chassis.


Once someone buys a Spartan-powered Newmar coach, they become a member of our family. They join the organizations and groups available for Spartan owners, such as the Spartan Chassis International Club chapter of the FMCA, and attend rallies and shows where they meet up with other Newmar owners. With the Spartan RV Owner’s Training Academy, we deliver Class A diesel pusher training that offers hands-on instruction on how best to operate, maintain, and service your coach. We’ve even created a mobile app — Spartan Connected Care™ — that provides owners with pre-trip checklists, diagnostic code lookups, and an integrated service center locator. With a Newmar coach, you become part of the family of RVers traveling the roads from coast to coast, and Spartan is proud to be powering your adventures.

If you’re considering a luxury coach, we’d love to talk to you about why a Spartan chassis is the best, most solid, and preferred choice for Newmar owners. Whether it’s safety, support, quality, handling or community, there’s simply no comparison to a Spartan chassis. Just ask one of our owners! Or better yet, get behind the wheel of a Spartan-powered Newmar RV and experience it for yourself.

We look forward to hearing all about it at the next rally.

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