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Key To Stay Creative

key to stay creative

Key To Stay Creative

Creativity is an attitude that grows in us over time. If the rat race of regular life over-shadows your creative talents, here are a few stimulants that can regulate the creative blood in you once again.

“Creativity is a dance with the divine, a connection to source and a journey through the realm of infinite possibility.” You need not necessarily be an artist, a painter, a chef or a musician to proclaim the creative person in you. Creativity can show up in regular life in many ways. It can reflect while a housewife is serving tea to her guests, an employee is managing some projects at work or a student is penning down some notes at the tuition. If you’re creative by heart, you’d try to dig out something new and fresh even in the mundane details of everyday life. If you have it in you and wish to culture forever, set your own standards. Irrespective of several obstacles that may turn up, you should be able to get it going in you.

Change of Surrounding

If your surrounding isn’t exciting or inspiring you enough, it’s time to step out of the threshold, only to feel connected to the world in an all-new way. Ideas tend to get saturated while you are caged within your familiar surroundings. A new environment can brew in your creative intellects. This is quite likely the reason behind instant poetic bursts among poets, with the change of landscape, particularly while on holidays to the hills or oceans.

Grow the Thirst

As they say, if you chase for something really bad, you ought to get it. Similarly, the more you chase for creativity, the more passionate you become about your very existence in this universe. The thirst to explore new avenues and cultivate new ideas can make you go beyond the limits and create something outstanding. Creativity is a free-flowing skill that can never be chained or mapped. So, just let it flow in abundance and cross borders.

Mix with Like-minds

A group of creative minds, when together, can only fuel a creative explosion. Being among people with a high level of commitment toward creativity in life can leave you feeling every bit encouraged to follow your dreams. Collaborate with like-minds to feel positive and inspired every moment. In such cases, you will not only give birth to unique creations but will also realize your snowballing potentials.

Travel on-n-off

Traveling frequently, preferably alone, is a great idea to harvest new visions. Step out of the home to the outside world and you’ll realize there’s so much to see, talk and feel. And all these sources have the capacity to instigate your imaginations. Also, visiting places can be a rejuvenating escape from the tiring schedule.

Learn from Competitors

There’s a scope for learning in every healthy competition. Follow your competitors closely to think a step above their thoughts. Healthy competition is when your competitor’s creations grow the zeal in you to create something more innovative. Make sure, your creativity doesn’t circle around what your competitor might have already done. What should not matter is whether your creativity is better. Rather, what is important is whether your creation is different.

Break Free from Regular Habits

Trust Lord, you can’t be your creative best if you’ve become a slave to the regular habits and routine. Break free from the monotony and do things that make you happy and soothe your senses. Well, that may mean, nurturing your hobbies to wipe-off stress. A creative instinct can work magic when it’s happy and calm. They say “Love and creativity are intertwined.” If you’re an artist who paints, visiting exhibitions and art galleries and looking at other’s paintings may not inspire you as much as witnessing a sunrise in a beautiful physical landscape with naked eyes.

Participate in Social Events

Attending social events and mixing with different people leads to the exchange of ideas and information. This triggers a new perspective and evokes creativity in turn. Bigger events leave a lasting impact on us in various ways. For some, it could just be a platform to communicate with so many people, for some it’s a fantastic experience and for some, it could be a probable opportunity of mighty creations.

If you breathe and drink creativity, the sky is the limit for you. Go beyond the conventions, break the walls, pull down the barriers and uplift your creative spirits. Also, never be depressed if your creativities are not praised much. Instead, let such consequences constructively inspire you to think about how you could have done things better, that could earn you appreciations. And of course, not all creations are subjected to any certification. You simply create something for yourself, because you love to. Let nothing stop you from being creative!

Just remember, “creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun!”