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Latest Logo Design Trends that Can Enhance Your Brand Identity

Latest Logo Design Trends that Can Enhance Your Brand Identity

Most people recognize a brand by its logo, and it is also the first image that comes to your mind when you think of any business.

You need to design a logo that conveys who you are to your customers and what you stand for. Your logo will communicate your personality and purpose and will play an important role in the buying decision of consumers.

However, it should also be in trend as nobody will want to associate with a brand that uses an outdated logo.

This article explores all the current trends in the logo design landscape so that you can create an iconic logo that people easily identify with.

Top Logo Design Trends Overview

We’re here with all the current trends from this realm. Without further ado, let’s unveil them.

  1. Playful Line Doodles
  2. Retro Red Liners
  3. Stripped Back Logos
  4. Funky Typography
  5. Lowercase: Minimalism Meets Playfulness
  6. Interpretive Lettermark
  7. Theme of Mysticism

1. Playful Line Doodles

Doodles are always associated with being playful, carefree, and fun. And that is exactly why line doodles are a fantastic way to create fun and casual logos that look effortless.

It reminds you of your school days when you randomly scribbled something but it turned out to be an artistic masterpiece. The simplistic style feels reminiscent of the doodles you drew as a schoolkid in your science book, blending together a sense of mischief and innocence.

This trend blends casual humor and creativity that lift spirits and brings a smile to people’s face just by seeing your brand’s logo.

2. Retro Red Liners

Red is a color that is predominantly used in the monochrome logo designs this year. It brings your attention to the logo due to how bright and vivid the color is and is also associated with heightened emotions. 

You’ll notice that these logo designs are turning to comic strips for inspiration. Using line grids and speech bubbles to bring a retro style to the logo takes you to the old times to connect with Your audience more.

The vintage aesthetic is also a great way to make your logo look visually pleasing without much effort.

3. Stripped Back Logos

The best thing about logos is that they can remain simple while creating a powerful impact.

“We’ll see this more throughout the year with large brands stripping back their logos and assets for clear communication with their target audience,” says Kristy Campbell from Pink Pony Creative. “When Sprite rebranded, the company removed the infamous spiked shape around the brand name, focusing instead on clean typography and impactful curves.

Simple logos have always been something that companies try to come up with. For example, Apple is known for its iconic simple logo which encapsulates the idea that less is more.

Several brands like Sprite have changed their logo by focusing on clean typography and minimal design. They try to include and celebrate elements that make their brand and products easily recognizable.

Therefore, it is safe to say that clean, stripped-back, and minimal brand logos have always been in trend and will be the same for the years to come.

4. Funky Typography

Want to funk up your logo? This trend represents a highly visual approach to communicating a brand’s tone of voice, achieved through highly stylized typography and experimental lettering.

But not everybody has to stick to the idea of creating simple and minimalistic logos. Take up a highly visual approach to enhancing your brand’s image and communicating its tone of voice by using funky typography.

Not only does it make it easy for consumers to retain your logo in their minds, but it also effectively helps you stand out from a world of minimalists.

Don’t shy away from using experimental lettering and stylist typography as it is a perfect way to balance text and graphics.

“This trend allows brands to truly have their own unique voice and tone through only the logo,”

– says Kristy

Funky logos also make it seem like you are a great brand to work with. Eye-catching designs create an impression in the minds of your customers that you are a quirky, playful, and relaxed brand, making it easier for them to connect with you.

Funky typography thus lets your personality shine through without making it look too formal and bland.

5. Lowercase: Minimalism Meets Playfulness

Brands That you use the lowercase font in their logos arouse a sense of curiosity in the minds of their customers. They stray away from the norm of using capital letters to begin the name of a brand while still remaining casual and instantly recognizable.

Be mindful and selective with your type font and typeface choices because they are important in molding your brand identity.

Using typographic logos that are simple and precise is a great way to do so and it also helps exude professionalism and confidence.

Brands like Amazon, Facebook, and Adidas are a few that bring together minimalism and playfulness with their logo designs. Their logos look simple, and effortless, and give off a casual vibe while being a few of the biggest brands in the world.

6. Interpretive Lettermark

Distorted geometry is one trend that has been popularly seen in logo designs. Interpretive Lettermark is a similar trend that makes use of easily recognizable letters to convey a brand message.

(Image Source- 99Designes)

It plays with the minds of people as it creates optical illusions and is a fun way to create logo designs. They recognize the pattern first and then the letters that come together to form the name of your brand, thus already forming a level of interaction with your potential customers.

It is a clever take on the minimalistic aesthetic and creates a successful first impression for your brand.

Hiring Visual Best as your professional graphic designing agency will help improve your brand visibility by designing a stunning logo for your business.

7. Theme of Mysticism

It has been observed that the younger generation is now embracing spirituality as they explore astrology and are interested in learning more about Spiritual elements like crystals and tarot cards.

Another theme that you can bring into your logo design is mysticism as in times of uncertainty, people look to connect with something that gives them hope and meaning.

Include more natural and warm colors, textures, and patterns If you would like to make use of the visual language of astrology and mysticism in your brand message.

Common expressions of such language include using images like planets, eyes, zodiac signs, nature-inspired motifs, etc.

Fuel Yourself with Inspiration to Design Your Logo

Just like any other industry, new trends definitely show up every year in the visual communication field as well. It is best to take a look at the space around you and get inspired to express ideas that your brand stands for by creating authentic and unique logos.

Communicating your thoughts and needs to a logo design agency is a way to get professional help with your logos.

And your favorite logo design agency – we’re here to create a MASTERPIECE just for you. Connect with us today for a logo that’s aesthetically appealing and matches the theme & vibe of your brand.