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Redesigning Your Website For SEO- Do’s & Don’ts

Redesigning Your Website For SEO- Do’s & Don’ts

A Brief Introduction

There are chances that the URL of your page may change when you opt for a website redesign. This may lead to you losing out on page rankings which in turn hinders the overall visibility of your website in search engines.

You cannot ignore the update of the URL changes to avoid rebuilding from square one. In such a case, you need a recognized web design and development company in India in order to make sure that your SEO is not restricted when you shift. Visual Best offers the most reliable and the best web design services in India to help you in optimizing the performance of your redesigned website.

When you choose to redesign your website, it is essential that you test single pages first from your website with a redirect to a new one so as to test whether or not they appear in Google search results. Once you establish that Google has updated the changes of your website, you can then move to the process of complete transition.

You can also prevent glitches and downtime by updating small parts of your website at once instead of going for the entire thing all at once. You need to make the right and informed decisions for your website redesign before you dive in. Navigation, design, compliance, and performance must all be considered carefully.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the do’s and don’t’s of redesigning your website for SEO.

Major Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Website Redesign

A lack of value proposition is a huge mistake. What you do, who you are, and how you stand out must be the center of your home page. Any other important page can help the users in understanding what’s there and why they should stay on your website.

Apart from this, you must stay away from lengthy text blocks. Lengthy paragraphs that are not strategically split up wither by bullet points or as a way of distributing text on your web page, can prove to be extremely devastating. Visual hierarchy and white space are also quite significant.

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The Do’s Of Redesigning Your Website

  1. Run Analytics On Your Current Website
    • Before you discard your old website, it is important to find out how its overall performance is. It will serve as a great benchmark for the new website when it is ready to be launched.
  2. Analyze What Brings Customers To Your Website
    • The best and the most powerful thing you can do as part of a website redesign is to comprehend why people visit your website and ensure you are both catering to their needs as well as eradicating all obstacles for them. For instance, if a person lands on a page and the only thing that they are looking for is price information. In such a case, the best thing to do is to give them just that because they are not looking to convert. It is important that you do not try to force them to buy and simply give them the information they want.
  3. Redesign Your Website While Keeping Your Customers In Mind
    • A very common mistake that a lot of companies make is to be impressed with their own product and end up telling the world everything about it. Your redesign plan should comprise a comprehensive list of specifications and features, however, your customers may not want that. Of course, it is challenging to send out a survey but it is something that you need so as to avoid customer blind spots like not collecting data from customers, not serving them, etc.

Don’t’s Of Redesigning Your Website

  1. Use A Design-First Approach
    • Usually, a company that is going through a redesign will be immensely excited and will launch into wireframes, mockups, and color schemes right away without even considering the words that will be the essentials on a page. They will design sophisticated solutions with elegant text in them. However, if you launch into a design-first approach, you will end up forgetting a fundamental point- if the most extraordinarily designed page uses unconventional, weak words, it may underperform as opposed to a little uglier one where the text is precisely persuasive and gives people what they came to the website for.
  2. Forget To Add Analytics To The New Website
    • You will not be able to determine how your new website is performing if you do not add the analytics to it.
  3. Forget About SEO At The Beginning Of Your Project
    • One of the most common mistakes that happens all the time during a website redesign project is forgetting about SEO at the beginning. Prominence gets placed on the products straight away and suddenly SEO becomes a distant memory which is something that you do not want.

Let’s Wrap Up!

At Visual Best, we offer the most extensive and comprehensive strategies when it comes to redesigning your website. We are among the most affordable web design companies in India while offering the best of the best to make your new website SEO friendly.

Our success is built upon the overall experience of our highly experienced and skilled professionals. When our team works together towards redesigning your website, it makes sure to consider all the do’s and don’t’s before giving you a strategically formed layout.

So, if you are looking for excellent web design services in India,then Visual Best is definitely the place to be. After all, a responsive web design is highly crucial to making your new website SEO-friendly.