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Interactive Web Experience Design

Engage your audience with the best performing form of web content – Interactive Experience. From a digital quiz or personality test to a dynamic illustrative graphic, interactive web content is a useful tool for generating onsite engagement while providing a resource for offsite promotional campaigns. We create dynamic interactives using these two methods: Custom coding and Ceros – a zero code web experience platform.

How do we help other agencies with Ceros?

We are white label graphic design agency. We collaborate with other digital marketing agencies to create Ceros experiences for their customers. Here are our few ceros experiences that we have developed collaborating with other leading marketing digital agencies:

What is an interactive design?

Interaction designs are focused on the moment when a user interacts with a product and their goal is to improve the interactive experience. It helps viewers interact and engage with the interactives. When it comes to ebook and whitepaper designs, interactives or web experiences help tell your stories effectively.

What is an interactive used for?

Interactive created with a specific marketing purpose. Basically, companies build an interactive or microsite in order to focus on something specific without unnecessary information. Working with a microsite is much easier and more convenient. As a result, users get a better user experience.

Build a microsite or interactive if you need:

Increase Your Reach


Reach your target audience as much as can to engage them with your content.

Promote Your Content


Promote brief marketing campaigns or stories and get more audience.

Launch New Products


Launch a new product or service and aware about these to your customers.

Talk more about your brand


Tell your stories proudly to the world by having interactive experience.

Promote Your Stories


Promote your stories/articles as a digital form effectively

What’s the difference between a microsite vs website?

The microsite or Interactives allow you to create something that is not possible with a website. The microsite serves a special purpose. It is focused on promoting a single component or highlighting a unique product. It’s like the branches that extend from the main trunk.

  1. A microsite is created to promote a specific product, service, event, campaign
  2. A microsite has its own URL, which is not the same as the main site
  3. A microsite is independent of the corporate website

Advantages of Microsites

It’s fast to build a microsite


Launching a finished microsite takes much less time than building a finished website. This will be especially handy if you need to quickly launch a new ad campaign.

Focus on people’s attention


Microsites are created to nudge people towards what you want. There are no extra buttons and menus on the forum microsite and it fulfills the role assigned to it.

Build business awareness


A microsite is another way to reach a more interested audience and gain a strong position in the market. The internet is a battlefield, and a microsite is one way to win.

Generate quality leads


The microsite is designed to be a smooth bridge from ignorance to curiosity and making the desired action. It helps generate quality leads.

Affordable creation price


Сost to build a microsite can range from expensive to cheap. This means both large and small companies can afford to build a microsite.

Improve SEO performance


Since a microsite is created to promote a single service or product, it help you increase SEO. Write the correct keywords to boost your chance to raise your SEO.

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