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We need to talk about digital marketing! It’s a game-changer for your business

We need to talk about digital marketing! It’s a game-changer for your business

Your company has created a marvelous product. It is designed to solve a problem of lakhs of individuals across India.

But, hardly anyone is going to buy it.


Because you haven’t marketed it right! Well, you don’t have to run those costly advertisements on television or magazines. Thanks to digital marketing, promoting your product or service is possible at a fraction of prices.

Let’s discuss different arms of digital marketing – and how each one of them helps you become a popular brand.

PPC gives you a kickstart in the digital world

Pay-per-click or PPC ads let you create ads for your website on Google. If done right, your website will appear among the top results when someone searches for the product/service you offer. The best part is that you can get the result from the very first day. Just create a campaign, set the bid, and make it live. When an online user clicks on your ad, they will reach your website. You need not pay a single rupee if no one clicks on it. Get the best results by connecting with an expert in this domain.

SEO ensures long-term survival

Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you an edge over competitors. Through a set of techniques, you can improve your search engine (Google) rankings. The SEO experts improve the structure of your website, add fresh & relevant content, and create backlinks of your website on credible portals. The best part about SEO is that you get relevant traffic on your website without spending too much. And the results last for a longer period compared to paid ads.

Pro Tip: Hire a video production company in India and create professional videos that you can post on different portals for backlinks. 

Branding makes you industry leader

What’s common between Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Coke, and Colgate? These are top brands in their respective domain. Of course, they sell superior products. But apart from that, they have turned their company into a reputable brand. The good news is that you, too, can establish yourself as a credible brand. Here’s what happens when you become a known brand:

  • People start recognizing the name & logo of your brand
  • They develop a trust for your brand
  • They prefer you over your competitors
  • You get to attract better talent for every department

A branding expert uses a mix of strategies to help you reach there. They create premium graphics for every aspect of your brand – such as logo, social media posts, product packaging, website, etc. And they provide attractive copy & content for the website, social media accounts, brochures, and more. When you blend a good-quality product & superior customer support, you are bound to become a brand that people love. You can also hire the best explainer video companies to amp up your marketing efforts.

Social media brings you closer to the customers

By running active accounts of your brands, you can connect with your customers better. Share stories, videos, and images that resonate with the end users. It could be opinions, memes, facts, tips, hacks, and other creative content pieces. You can post a question and get suggestions from your customers. And you can share the ads of your current & upcoming offers, and let the users clarify their doubts around it. Many big brands also run separate social media accounts to resolve customer queries. If you have resources, you can also do so. Or, use the main account for this purpose. The targeted ads on social media also turn the social media users into your customers. Post explainer videos to amplify engagement on your channels. Many explainer video companies in India will help you in the process.

We hope these pointers helped you get a nice glimpse of the digital marketing realm. To help you understand its importance, we have shared some essential stats in the next section.

Digital marketing statistics

  1. In 2021, around 69 percent marketing in search engine optimization (Source: HubSpot Marketing Report)
  2. For every one dollar spent, PPC returned two dollars. – leading to a 200% ROI rate. (Source: Small Biz Genius)
  3. Digital ads enhance brand awareness by 80 percent. (Source: Tech Jury)
  4. 60.8 percent of marketers feel the visuals are crucial for marketing & branding. (Source: Startup Bonsai
  5. Around 8.5 billion searches are processed by Google each day. (Source: Internet Live Stats)

The Next Steps: Now that you have understood the importance of digital marketing, it’s crucial to prepare a roadmap.

  1. Allocate some budget for the branding and marketing.
  2. Note down the objectives you want to achieve from marketing efforts.
  3. Hire a reliable branding and graphics team.
  4. Share your objectives in detail and keep a track of your performance.
  5. Update your marketing plan as per the results and changing trends.