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What is Motion Graphics & How to Use it in Your Marketing

Have you watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Catch Me If You Can?” The title sequence of this classic movie was made using motion graphics. 

From filmmaking to modern-day marketing, many domains rely on this animation style. In fact, the global motion graphics market is expected to cross the mark of 129.1 billion dollars by 2028.

[Source: Global News Wire]

We know you want to learn more about this exciting visual technique. That’s why we bring to you all its major aspects. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is Motion Graphics?

In simplest words, it means Graphics in Motion. This captivating art brings still images to life through dynamic movement. Imagine your favorite illustrations, logos, and text elements dancing, morphing, and flowing seamlessly across the screen. Motion graphics, in the current era, generally refers to short animation clips.

Applications of motion graphics

Let’s delve deeper into the applications of motion graphics:

1. Opening Credits of Movies & TV Series

Motion graphics in opening credits aren’t just about listing names; they’re an artistic introduction that sets the mood and theme of the story. These sequences often blend imagery, typography, and animation to give viewers a visual taste of what to expect. 

2. Onboarding Animation

Mobile apps and websites use motion graphics in onboarding tutorials to guide users through the app’s features. These animations make the learning process more engaging and intuitive. For instance, when downloading a fitness app, a motion graphic might show you how to track your workouts with animated demonstrations, ensuring you start on the right foot.

3. Social Media Memes

Memes often rely on humor and relatability. Motion graphics take memes to the next level by adding animated elements or clever text animations. These eye-catching visuals can turn a simple image or short video clip into a viral sensation, quickly capturing the attention of social media users.

4. Interactive Ads

Motion graphics make advertisements more engaging, interactive, and memorable, whether in online banners, videos, or immersive experiences. The interactive element enhances user engagement and can lead to higher conversion rates.

5. News Broadcasting

Motion graphics are a powerful tool for news broadcasters. They can be used to visualize data, explain complex concepts, or provide animated reenactments of events. For instance, during a weather report, motion graphics can display temperature changes or storm movements, making the information more accessible to viewers.

6. User Interface

Motion graphics play a vital role in modern user interface (UI) design. They improve the user experience by adding visual feedback to interactions. For instance, when you click a button on a website, a subtle animation might confirm your action. These animations make the UI feel responsive and enhance the overall usability of apps and websites.

Examples of Motion Graphics

We have shortlisted some of our favorite examples to help you understand motion graphics better.

1. BigRock Ad:

In their motion graphics ad, Big Rock demonstrates how to establish a strong online presence and efficiently serve customers with their fast domains, cloud hosting, and high-performance servers.

The video impresses with meticulous background details, character animation, lively narration, seamless transitions, and informative infographics, earning it a spot on our list of exemplary examples. Example BigRock Ad.

2. Zapier Ad:

Zapier, the leading name in the world of workflow automation, does a fine job with motion graphics. Using an explainer video style narration, it tells the potential customers how using Zapier in the business comes with multiple benefits.

The elements used are minimalistic – with the limited use of text. Example Zapier Ad.

3. Game of Thrones title sequence:

One of the highest-rated & most popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, instantly immerses viewers in the world of the show. 

In a captivating moment, viewers witnessed the show’s opening title sequence. As the series progressed, this sequence changed to match the evolving story. It displayed locations, castles, and cities rising from a 3D map, giving crucial context to each episode in a visually stunning way. Example Game of Thrones title sequence.

4. MailChimp product update:

MailChimp recently released a video talking about 150+ new features added to its online service. It showcases all major features in a simple & easy-to-understand style. The careful blend of text elements and other elements ensures it doesn’t look too heavy to the users. Example MailChimp product update ad.

Benefits of Motion Graphics in Marketing

There are countless reasons to add motion graphics in your marketing arsenal. We have listed the top five below. 

1. Breaking Down the Complicated Concepts

Have you ever tried explaining a complex product or concept to someone who just stares at you with a puzzled look? We feel you! But guess what? Motion graphics can be your superhero in this situation. They’re like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for breaking down complex topics.

Imagine you’re selling a product with more features than a Swiss army knife. Motion graphics swoop in to save the day. They take your mind-boggling gizmo and turn it into a simple, easy-to-understand visual masterpiece. No more furrowed brows from your audience. They’ll be nodding along like they’re in on the secret.

2. Easy-Peasy Communication

Do you know how sometimes you just can’t find the right words to convey your message? It’s like playing charades without the fun part. Well, animated videos are here to rescue you from this linguistic nightmare.

These short, snappy videos are your sidekick. They have this incredible superpower of communicating messages lightning-fast. You’ve got something to say? Bam! Motion graphics deliver it in a way that even a goldfish on caffeine could comprehend. No more beating around the bush. Your message goes straight to the point.

3. Brand Awareness on Steroids

Building a brand isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more like scaling Mount Everest with a broken compass. But fear not, because motion graphics are here to help you conquer that branding summit.

According to the marketing gurus at Hubspot, the number one reason why brands hop on the video train is to amp up their brand awareness. And guess what? Animated videos with snazzy graphics and visuals are like rocket fuel for brand visibility. They make your brand memorable, like that catchy jingle you can’t stop humming.

4. Unleash Your Inner Picasso

Creativity is like oxygen for motion graphic artists. There’s no stopping them when they dive into creating these visual wonders. It’s like handing a kid a blank canvas and a bucket of rainbow-colored paint. Magic happens!!!

This creative frenzy results in lifelike characters and eye-popping illustrations that grab your audience by the eyeballs and say, “Hey, look at this!” It’s the kind of engagement that your brand deserves.

5. Shareability Amplifies

Imagine this: your marketing video is so visually stunning that people can’t help but share it. It’s like a viral sensation waiting to happen. And here’s the kicker – videos are among the most shared content on the internet. Sharing is caring, right?

When your motion graphics video gets passed around like a hot potato at a family picnic, it’s a win-win situation. Your website gets more traffic, session durations skyrocket, and you attract new users like a magnet. Sweet, right?

Budget for Creating a Motion Graphic Video

Now, let’s talk about the budget. Motion graphics are like the budget-friendly cousins of those high-production live videos. Large-scale organizations often go gaga over them because they’re cost-efficient. For creating a 1 minute motion graphic the tentative cost is $1,000 – $3,000. The actual cost is differ project to project and largely depends on the scope of work.

This cost-effectiveness allows brands to get creative without breaking the bank. You can showcase your product or service in dazzling ways without emptying your pockets. Who said marketing had to be a money-guzzling monster?

Even if you’re hiring a professional team, you can do so on a budget. Just ensure the team has decent experience in this area.


Thanks to the infectious popularity of video platforms like Instagram and Youtube, motion graphics will get more popular. Even small agencies & self-employed professionals use this medium to connect with their customers. Don’t be surprised if you see resumes made with this animation style. 

If you’re also planning to use motion graphics in your business, we’re here to help. 

Visual Best, a leading graphic design agency that has a strong history of designing powerful motion graphics for our clients. Our success is thanks to our focus on market research and insights.

Our professionals will design an engaging animation video that your customers love. We will deploy our best marketers, graphic experts, and animators to craft a video to give your business a big boost. Connect with us today to know more. 

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