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Crafting Visual Stories for Impact

In the world of Graphic Design and Digital Marketing, we're not your typical agency. We strive to be your dedicated success partner, collaborator, and confidant.

When you choose us, we won't just ask for a brief and budget. Instead, we uncover your brand's unique story and the reasons customers prefer you. We then reverse-engineer solutions for measurable business results.

We don't stop there. We continuously monitor, adjust, and repeat the process to ensure your bottom line grows.

Our Leadership

Santosh Kushwaha

Founder and Managing Director

Santosh Kushwaha, a visionary leader, excels at visually telling brand stories that boost clients' businesses. With 20+ years in design, he's earned a reputation as a visual storytelling wizard, having worked with leading Indian brands. He completed his BFA at Banaras Hindu University in 2005. His self-reliance and smart strategies drive VisualBest's success. Santosh's work has won numerous national and international awards, and he was recognized as a top infographic designer in 2013. Beyond business acumen, his empathy and care for his team distinguish him as a leader who understands each person's unique challenges, fostering a supportive work environment.

He often states, "My aim is to build a work environment I'd want to be a part of as an employee."

Anita Kushwaha

Co-Founder and Director

Anita Kushwaha, the force behind Santosh's triumphs, has carved a remarkable niche in the creative domain. Her presence is a beacon, guiding and inspiring. Her innate warmth radiates, fostering an environment where motivation flourishes, energizing the team. Anita's unique blend of leadership and compassion proves pivotal in driving success and innovation. She stands as a testament to the power of supportive leadership, proving that success is not just about individual brilliance but also about uplifting and leading others towards collective achievements. Her role is more than just foundational; it's transformative, making Anita an indispensable pillar in the creative journey.

Our Partner

Nathan Billman

Partner, USA Operations

Nathan Billman, our Business Partner for USA Operations at Visual Best, brings over 20 years of experience in visual graphic design. He has delivered strategic, creative solutions for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, focusing on cultivating lasting relationships and achieving impactful results. Nathan's expertise will be pivotal in expanding Visual Best's reach and enhancing our services across the United States.

Core Team

Sonia Duseja
Sonia Duseja
Sr. Business Developer
Kartikey Sagar
Kartikey Sagar
Art Director
Sourabh Ruhela
Sourabh Ruhela
Chief Visualiser
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar
Lead Web Developer
Amaan Mazhar
Amaan Mazhar
Lead Animator

Our Remarkable Journey

Step into the captivating story of our remarkable journey, where we transformed from a small room into a thriving force, now proudly operating with a dynamic team in Noida.

Discover Santosh's amazing journey, which started from his small rented room as a freelance designer. His partnerships with global clients helped him build strong business relationships.

Before this, he worked as an Art Director at Business Today (India Today Group). However, he left that job to write his own success story. Through hard work, he got to work with top organizations like WHO, Unicef, Avaya, Adobe, Huffington Post, and many more.


Santosh's success as a globally recognized infographic designer led to a growing demand for his work. This inspired him to establish Visual Best (Proprietor), where he bought a office space and hired his first dynamic team member Mitushi Jain. Their shared vision is to build a company where everyone, including Santosh, can envision themselves working as employees, dedicated to delivering premium-quality designs to global clients at affordable rates.


In 2020, Visual Best took a significant leap by expanding its services and team to tap into new, untapped markets. Simultaneously, the company underwent a stylish and modern rebranding, transforming itself into a contemporary graphic design agency. This year marked a major milestone as Visual Best achieved its first Crore Turnover. Impressively, we maintained a 90% customer retention rate, leaving our clients overwhelmingly satisfied.


Visual Best has transitioned into a Private Limited Company, garnering numerous national and global accolades. Our team has grown to 30+ members, and we've ventured into the realm of Digital Marketing services. Additionally, we've relocated to the thriving hub of Noida Sector 62, providing an improved workspace for our entire team.


In 2023, our business took a significant blow due to the global recession, particularly impacting our orders from the US. This challenge served as a valuable lesson, prompting us to shift our focus towards diversifying our portfolio in markets like India, Canada, and various European countries. As part of this strategic shift, we unveiled an enhanced website, featuring an extended range of services, supported by a dedicated team of 45+ members, both in-office and remote.

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