10 Graphic Design Trends You’ll See in 2021

Graphic design trends evolve constantly. Each year, the focus shifts to reflect current opinions and expectations. Often, older styles make a comeback with novel elements thrown in. As we wind down 2020, designer forecasters have already made many predictions on what the design world will have in store for the new year. Here are 10 trends we can expect to see.

1. Authentic Representation

2020 was a whirlwind year as the pandemic, protests, elections and many more events dominated. One of these was the demand for authentic representation. The call for stereotypes to be pushed away has become much stronger and we can expect to see designers adapting to this change as well.

2. Nature-inspired Design

Being forced to stay indoors during the pandemic has driven us towards a yearning for nature. This desire will find its way into the graphic design world too. In 2021, design trends will incorporate plenty of nature-inspired elements such as wood and stone textures, natural light, and flowing lines.

3. Muted, Earthy Tones

In line with integrating elements of nature, the next design trend to expect is the use of muted and earthy color palettes. Though not a new trend, it’s no surprise that it’s coming back, considering how well such palettes are suitable for commercial applications and different designs.

4. Geometric Shapes

You really can’t go wrong with the neat, clean lines of geometric shapes. It’s no wonder, then, that we can hope to see them in 2021. Although the shapes may be simple in and of themselves, they will be used to create amazing designs with a depth of meaning.

5. Vintage-inspired Design

In 2021, graphic designers will hark back to the past with styles that echo pop art and comics. It’s a great way to express imagination and creativity as well as explore original ideas and themes. And it makes for eye-catching designs!

6. Fine Art Influences

Fine art is usually in a league of its own, too pure and traditional to often be mixed with modern design. But in 2021, the lines will be blurred. Expect to see graphic designs featuring discerning fine art elements that will certainly lend timelessness and a touch of elegance.

7. Minimalism

Contemporary graphic designs have been following a minimalistic curve and this trend is set to continue into 2021. The reason being it works so well for nearly any graphic design, whether it’s websites, logos, banners et al.

8. Animation Sequences

GIFs have surged in popularity in the recent past and while they remain much loved, 2021 will be all about animation sequences, especially those with dynamic transitions. Attractive, engaging, and entertaining, they’re especially useful for brand marketing as they easily captivate audiences.

9. Realism and Flat Designs

For 2021, graphic designs will see a fusion of realism and flat design. The combination of relatable real-life objects and settings blended with the simplicity of flat design can yield very attractive results.

10. Simple Typefaces

No complex typefaces for 2021; it’s about keeping it simple so that brands can convey their message clearly to their audience. Some of the biggest brands in the world use fuss-free typefaces. The rest of us need to follow suit too.

These 10 graphic design predictions set the stage for the new year as we get ready – and hope for – a brighter new year. Here’s looking forward to seeing graphic designers play with them!

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