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How Can Different Types of Graphic Designs Transform Your Brand?

Graphic Design is an impactful tool for conveying messages and influencing people. It is more than just beautiful images and graphics put together. Rather, it understands, connects, educates, and entertains people. The fact that graphics and visuals are heavily used across many industries globally makes it even more important to know which service should suit your brand’s needs. 

Thus, we have brought this blog, which explains comprehensively the various design solutions. Let’s get started!

Types of Graphic Designs & Their Impact on a Brand Image

1. Brand Identity/Corporate Design

Brand identity refers to the personality and vision of a company. Through attractive visuals, each brand tells a different story that interacts to its audience. By following the brand guidelines, create visually stunning graphics that showcase your core values and connect the audience with what you’re selling. 

When added to your branding, these types of visuals make you stand out from your competitors by creating a lasting impression. A well-crafted brand identity influences your audience’s decision by converting them into customers. 

The core focus of Branding and Corporate design: Colour palettes, fonts, typography, etc.

2. Advertisement/ Marketing Design

Advertisement and marketing design are all about creating stunning visuals that look so good that people consider buying them. The goal is clearly to sell the services or products by fostering a deeper connection with the audience. These visually appealing designs, such as graphs, charts, and diagrams, clearly show the ways in which a brand offers and benefits its customers. These visual elements make the overall presentation of a brand’s offering easy to understand. 

This type of design is effective in both print and online, making it a key component of any marketing strategy.

The core focus of Advertisement/ Marketing design: Appealing layout and visuals, clear typography and CTAs, message clarity and target audience relevance.

3. Packaging Design

A packaging design offers both appeal and protection, which plays a major role in making any brand stand out among competitors. A designer who goes beyond aesthetics to make packaging super effective contributes greatly to the brand’s success. Every package conveys a brand’s message through the visuals and typography. 

A packing process requires a deep understanding of the printing industry and manufacturing from the initial stages to the production of print-ready designs. Some designers work in all printing categories for all industries, while some expert ones specialise in either industry or category. It’s up to you what you want for your brand!

The package design serves the purpose of protection while enhancing brand recognition with thoughtful designs.

The core focus of Packaging design: To create attractive and functional packaging using strategic colours, images and typography, influencing purchasing decisions while reflecting brand identity.

4. Web & UI/UX Design

Web Design: 

Web design is the first thing people notice about your website. It’s your chance to make a strong impression and decide if visitors will stay and possibly make a purchase or leave for another site. It’s not just about looking good; the functionality of the website is also essential. 

The layout, content, and setup need to work well together to build trust and get people involved. A well-developed and smoothly working website builds credibility and encourages people to interact more with it.

UI/UX Design: 

UI/UX design is all about improving how users interact with your website and making sure it looks good, too. It involves carefully planning and placing things like buttons, menus, and other interactive elements so everything works well together and meets users’ needs. Good UI/UX design draws people in and makes navigating smooth and simple. 

It aims to make everything from navigating menus to clicking buttons smart, ensuring users have an easy and trouble-free experience without any frustrating barriers.

The core focus of Web & UI/UX design: UI/UX design focuses on user engagement, visual components, and responsiveness. 

Web Design focuses on developing user-friendly and responsive web design, following up on UI/UX layout.

5. Social Media Design

A LinkedIn post claims that content with visual elements receives 94% (link) more engagement than a text-only post. Well, this is the power of social media design. Social media design is about creating appealing visuals for social media platforms like X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This can apply to anything, such as posts, stories, and graphics.  A social media design adds up to a brand’s recognition by contributing to the visual appeal of a page.The core focus of Social Media design: To create appealing content that improves engagement and communicates effectively with the audience.

6. Animated & Motion Graphics

In animated and motion graphics, boring text-only content with static images is brought to life. With a subtle movement, the same content becomes interesting and thus gets people’s attention. It brings static design elements to life by including movement and turning them into motion or animated graphics. These graphics can significantly enhance user engagement, whether for social media, websites, presentations, or advertisements. With our expertise, we craft compelling animations that grab attention and drive your business goals.

The core focus of Animated and Motion Graphics: Increasing user engagement is the ultimate motive, while simplifying complex concepts and appropriately conveying the brand’s message are the primary objectives. 

7. Typographical Design 

Lettering and type design is about creating unique and special letter styles that make reading easier and give a brand its own look. Unlike regular fonts, custom lettering and type design are made to fit a brand’s specific style and personality. Good type design can evoke emotions, convey messages clearly, and leave a lasting impression. By choosing custom lettering and type design, brands can stand out and ensure their messages catch the audience’s attention. It plays a big role in how people see and remember a brand.

The core focus of Lettering & Typography design: Using unique typefaces and lettering to enhance readability, conveying the brand’s personality and fostering clarity in communications. 

8. Infographics Design

Infographics, as the term suggests, comprise information and graphics, making complicated content easier to digest. These utilise images, charts, and simple text, turning data into something engaging and memorable. 

Due to this blend, they grab attention and help people remember the information. Infographics are great for digital marketing as they are shareable, boosting your overall website traffic and improving search rankings. 

There are many ways in which infographics can completely improve your brand’s digital marketing plans. They also help build your brand’s authority by showing you’re knowledgeable. Overall, infographics are a powerful tool for making your message clear and engaging for your audience.

The core focus of Infographics design: To simplify the complicated information by fragmenting it and blending it with visuals, like images, graphs, charts and diagrams. 

9. Illustrated Graphics

Illustrated graphics are visual representations crafted through drawing, painting, or digital illustration. They help narrate stories, convey messages, and bring ideas to life with creativity and style. Illustrated graphics are majorly in books, magazines, websites, advertisements, and social media. They make content more engaging and visually appealing, adding a unique and artistic touch that captures attention and enhances the overall impact of the message.

The core focus of Illustrated Graphics: To convey complex ideas in simple and interesting ways, capture attention and forge a connection between the brand and the audience.

Benefits of Graphic Design

1. Builds a Brand Identity

Graphic elements are important for developing a solid brand identity. They help portray brand consistency through logos, mascots, colours, and typography, making your brand more recognisable.

2. Fosters a Deeper Trust

When the audience finds your brand value-providing, creative, and understanding, it creates a sense of trust and credibility. By including high-quality visuals, the brand becomes more reliable and professional. 

3. Increases Engagement

Highly engaging visuals tend to grab people’s attention more quickly than posts with just plain text. This is because these graphics attract people and make them stay tuned, receiving more likes, shares and comments, ultimately driving more traffic to the brand.

4. Boosts Sales

Eye-catching and interactive graphic designs can boost conversion rates. Well-designed promotional materials encourage the audience to make a purchase.

What comes under each Graphic Design Category?

1. Brand Identity/Corporate Design

2. Advertisement/ Marketing Design

3. Packaging Design

4. Web & UI/UX Design

5. Social Media Design

Visual content & images for 

6. Animated & Motion Graphics 

7. Lettering & Type Design

8. Infographic Design

9. Illustrated Graphics

But Which one is the BEST for Your Brand in 2024?

Choosing the right graphic design services is essential in 2024. It helps distinguish your brand from the competitors. Each design type plays a great role in transforming a business’ market visibility. Let’s explore how each of these services helps brands in various ways.

1. Brand Identity/Corporate Design

When starting a new brand or rebranding an old one, it is best to start by building a strong brand identity, which should include a logo, typography, mascot, colours, and so on.

2. Advertisement/Marketing Design

If your brand needs to boost its sales generation, then you need to focus more on advertisement design and marketing campaigns that feature stunning visuals and ad copy, driving quick conversions.

3. Packaging Design

If your business is product-based, it becomes absolutely necessary to focus on creative and effective packaging. Ideal packaging should protect the product while efficiently marketing it.

4. Web & UI/UX Design

For any brand, it is essential to have a visually appealing and user-friendly website. Good web and UI/UX design enhances user engagement, experience, and overall conversions.

5. Social Media Design

Brands utilise social media platforms to attract and provide value to audiences. Various platform-specific social media designs are used to create an active and engaging online presence.

6. Animated & Motion Graphics

Animation and motion graphics are the keys to success for brands that aim to excel in digital advertising or informational content. 

7. Infographic Design

Infographics can help brands with expertise and share great industry-related knowledge. Through visually attractive infographics, brands turn complicated data into simplified information.

8. Illustrated Graphics

If your brand loves the art of storytelling, illustrated graphics can be a cherry on top, blending creativity and the brand’s personality.

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life with Magical Creativity!

Understanding your brand’s special needs is essential to helping it grow better and faster. However, deciding which graphic design service is best for your business can be challenging. Whether B2B, B2C or a product-based or service-based brand, Visual Best provides personalised solutions for every industry and brand, just like a doctor.

Visual Best offers expert advice and custom design solutions by discussing your vision and mission. Our creative teams of 45+ designers, animators and developers have helped 250+ clients worldwide. 

Contact us for customised design services that resonate with your brand’s personality and message. Let’s blend your vision and brand with our creativity.

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