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4 Benefits of a Retainer Agreement

Why You Should Consider Signing a Retainer Agreement

For companies seeking professional services, it can be confusing wondering which route to take. Is a one-off contract beneficial or does a retainer agreement make more sense? In many cases, it’s the latter.

Is a retainer agreement worth the investment? Or is a company better off hiring professionals on a per-project basis? It’s a question that undoubtedly confounds many businesses. At first glance, it may seem cost-prohibitive to initiate a retainer agreement, especially for a small company. However, if you know that you will be needing the services of a professional each month, it makes a lot of sense.

What Exactly Is a Retainer Agreement?

A retainer agreement is a work-for-hire contract between a business and an agency or an individual who provides professional services. It’s unlike permanent employment where a business pays its employees a salary irrespective of the amount of work they do. It’s also unlike freelance where a business pays a freelancer a sum of money for a particular project. With a retainer agreement, a business pays for professional services in advance and the said agency or individual agrees to be available to work for a set number of hours to provide its services for a certain period of time.

Why Businesses Should Consider Retainer Agreements

Here’s a quick look at why businesses should consider signing a retainer agreement.

1. You Have Resources On Hand

Business owners know that business tends to spike and dip through the year. During the spike, traffic and lead volume increase and the team is often unable to cope with the extra work properly. With a retainer agreement, you have resources at hand. The agency or professional you hire is ready to help at a moment’s notice. These additional sets of ‘professional hands’ can greatly lighten the burden on your team, giving them the opportunity to focus on other pressing tasks.

2. You Create Lasting Relationships

A retainer agreement spans a longer period of time than a one-off contract. Yet it’s not the duration of the agreement itself that creates a lasting relationship; it’s the fact that both parties can actually cultivate a healthy, positive relationship. Instead of working with multiple agencies/individuals, you make a commitment of sorts to each other. The agency understands exactly what you need and delivers. Meanwhile, you have reliable professionals you can turn to whenever you need them. It’s a win-win.

3. There Are No Cost Surprises

Budgeting projects one at a time tends to eat into your finances. You’re caught between spending a lot on a good agency or cutting costs and hiring one that’s below par. With a retainer agreement, you book services in advance at an agreed cost. You know just how much a campaign will cost, which lets you plan your marketing budget accurately. There is no billing for additional tasks done or additional hours worked.

4. Your Work Is Prioritised

Agencies often prioritize clients with whom they share retainer agreements. Since the number of work hours/type of work is already agreed upon and money paid in advance, they’re eager to honor the agreement. This greatly works in your favour because it means your work is done quickly and you get superior results.

Retainer agreements offer a host of benefits, as we can see. From providing steady pay to developing solid – and lasting – working relationships, service providers and clients stand to gain plenty from retainer agreements. If you’re looking for professionals to work with on a retainer basis or otherwise, contact Visual Best. We believe in forming and sustaining healthy relationships with our clients by delivering the highest standard of work.

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