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If you’ve been away from the internet for a hot minute, you might have missed the whirlwind AI has been causing in the world of graphic design. With AI taking over the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before AI logo generators started flooding the online market.

But here comes the big question – can AI take the place of a human when it comes to designing logos? 

We know that logos are the Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton of the brand. People are loyal to a visually appealing logo that can be remembered easily. People tend to recognize logos first and the brand second.

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Did you know? Over 75% of marketers will say that logos are the most recognizable aspect of a brand

So, can you trust an AI tool to make you a proper logo?

Let us check out!

How does logo generator AI work?

When using AI to create a logo, you first need to find a generator tool. Once you have the tool as per your requirement, you must log into the user interface to create your logo.

After logging in, you might be asked some questions, such as:

Prompt 1: Specify the industry your brand is a part of.

Prompt 2: Provide company details such as:

When you add in all these details, the AI tool will give you multiple options to choose from. Some Free AI logo generator tools will allow you to change the layout, color, or font styles.

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What are some AI logo generator tools in the market?

Logo AI generator tools are readily available online, and just a search will give you hundreds of options.

Check out our list of the top AI logo generators to choose from:

1. Logomaster AI

An AI generator tool that provides high-quality, customizable logo options. The logos generated can be edited as per the needs of the brand. But sadly, some logos may not be original. Sadly, Logomaster AI is not free. You can make your logo, but to use it commercially, you will need to buy it.

Pricing: Starts from $20 per month.

2. Looka

An AI logo generator that uses artificial intelligence to generate logos. The tool provides superior quality customized logo options as per the details shared. You can use Looka to make a free logo, but it must be purchased for business use.

Pricing: Starts from $29 per month.


This AI image generator can be prompted to create logos for a brand. With the number of styles available, you can create dozens of concepts for your logo. So, one design concept can have multiple variations that make it stand out from the crowd. Dall-E does allow you to create an account for free. But it is based on a credit system. Initially, you will get 50 free monthly credit tokens to create a logo. Once that is consumed, you will be given only 15 credits a month. But here’s the catch – the prompts might cost you. You can get 115 prompts for $15; with each, you will get 4 variations. This can become quite costly in the end.

Pricing: Depending on the prompt can range from $5 – $100

4. Tailor Brands

You can use this tool to make logos and social media graphics. But another bonus is that the tool is relatively cheaper and user-friendly. You can make logos, but to own the rights to the logo design, you must purchase a subscription.

Pricing: Range is from $9.99 – $109 per month.

5. Wix Logo Maker

This AI logo generator tool integrates with the Wix website builder and provides multiple options. This logo maker is free to use with a simple sign-up. Again, if you want to make any changes or use the logo commercially, you must purchase it.

Pricing: Start from $20 per month

It is easy to understand why AI logo makers are the rage now.

Do you really need AI logo generators?

Before you start rushing to create a logo with AI, you first need to understand the benefits that come with it.

Based on the details you add, logo AI generators can provide logos with multiple color combinations, icons, and the latest design trends.

The benefits of using AI tools to make logos are:

1. Easy to use

AI logo generators are relatively easy to use. All you need to do is add the details the tool asks for, and then let the magic begin! But post-logo creation might be tricky (depending on whether you want to change the colors or the font style).

2. Saves time

Designing a logo can take time – sometimes weeks. But if you want to save time, you can use AI logo generator tools to speed up the process. So, shed off the weeks and have your logo ready in minutes.

3. Affordable option

Getting a logo made by a designer can get pretty expensive, especially for start-ups or small companies with limited budgets. AI logo generator tools are more affordable. Some are even Free.

4. Multiple options

AI logos tools have the internet to get inspiration. They can comb through their database of designs, fonts, styles, and colors – that can go up to thousands. So, with a click of a button, you can have various designs representing your brand.

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But Are there any downsides to an AI-generated logo?

Just like any other AI-generator tool, logo makers also have their share of disadvantages. This includes:

1. No emotional connection

One of the most significant downsides of using AI logo designs is that there is no emotional connection. AI tools cannot capture a brand’s emotions or essence like human creativity. While AI-generated logos are pleasing to look at, they don’t really invoke a feeling.

2. Not original

Another major downside of using AI generator tools is that it is not authentic. Any design you create is a remake of someone else’s logo. This means that your logo will resemble another logo in the market. So, if you plan to stand out from your competitors, creating a logo AI with tools is not the way to go.

3. Cannot include human inputs

AI can reduce the time spent on design but not take feedback. This means that if you want any modifications or adjustments – it will not happen.

4. Cannot understand contextual nuances

A logo is not a mere face of a brand. It is the essence and identity. Sadly, logo generator AI tools do not understand the essence of culture or history in a brand. So, your logo might not connect with your brand.

5. Technical limitations

AI logo design tools will generate logos within seconds. But it will not be able to give you the open file. So, you are stuck if you want to make any alterations later.

Designers’ vs AI logo generator tools – Who wins?

Human creativity should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to making a logo. After all, a good logo is one that people remember the longest. And you would prefer someone to treat your heart with kid gloves.


1. Evoke emotions: Designers create logos that induce emotional feelings. Designers can use their experience and creativity to create unique logos per the brand’s personality.

2. Original designs: Designers are not limited to what is available on the internet. They can use their imagination. Sadly, AI cannot think for itself – whereas designers can. Designers can gain inspiration from anything, from a simple pin to the sky – all to make a logo.

3. Flexible: Designers can be contacted to adjust and create concepts per the brand’s requirements. On the other hand, creating a logo with AI tools will give you what is available to them. 

4. Creating Art: Human beings use creativity to design visually appealing logos. Their imagination is what fuels designers to make logos that become the star of the brand. Designers also have the artistic freedom to create designs that are new and bold. AI cannot do this.

5. Understand the brand:  Designers can use the culture, the ideology, and the emotion behind the brand to create a logo. But AI cannot do this. AI will give you multiple logo designs in seconds, but they will not have the essence of your brand. That is something only human designers can provide.

6. History of the brand: Designers take time to understand the thought process behind the brand. They find out the history, the culture, and the ideology that started the brand. Sadly, these are emotions that AI tools do not understand. AI will generate logos in seconds, but it won’t have the essence of your brand. That is something only human beings can understand.

The Future of AI vs Graphic Designers

As per the industry, AI is here for good. So, as logo designers, it is very important to stay ahead of the game. Start by trying to integrate AI with your creativity. Try to accept that AI will be pushing you to learn new concepts. Then again, AI cannot create originals.

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So, why not try a hybrid design strategy? Try using AI to generate logos faster but with your design creativity.

Then, not only would you be updated with the latest happenings in the world of AI, but you can also generate logos with the speed of AI logo generator tools.

Not an AI person? Don’t worry, let Visual Best’s logo design services create a masterpiece that speaks volumes.

That would be art-astic!

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