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Power of Interactive Microsites

Digital marketing is no longer novel. It’s a necessity. Most businesses rely on it to grow and reach out to their demographic. There are many channels to do this right from email marketing to social media marketing, video and more. Each has its strength and combined, they become a formidable force capable of changing the state of your business. One of the ways to make such content more marketable is with the help of interactive infographics and microsites. Meld the two and there’s a much greater chance of guaranteeing the success of your marketing.

What are interactive infographics?

To understand what interactive infographics are, we must take a look at static infographics. They’re
visual depictions of information with the ability to transform otherwise lengthy or complex data into
simple, easy-to-digest content.

Interactive infographics go one further. They contain interactive elements to make visuals even
more effective. They invite viewers to explore and interact with these elements. They provide much
more information than static infographics and do so in an engaging, entertaining way. Here are a few
more benefits:

What are microsites?

‘Good things come in small packages’, goes the saying. But what does that have to go with websites? Isn’t it bigger, better? It can be but sometimes it pays to ‘scale down’. A microsite is an individual web page or a small collection of web pages that focus on a particular theme, campaign, product or service. What it does is:

Why Blend the Two?

It’s not always necessary to use interactive infographics and build microsites. Indeed, the former should be used when you want to present a complex idea in an easy-to-grasp manner. Or if you want to attract specific audiences. For instance, you’ve created a product for children geared towards science. You know that putting out science-based information via text will not get children’s attention. However, if you use an interactive infographic, they’ll quickly become interested in what your product is about – and hopefully, gain an interest in science. Their parents probably will be interested too, once they see how it can serve their children’s needs.

Meanwhile, microsites can help you market a certain product or service more aggressively, in a way that interactive infographics may not be able to. Since it’s much more detailed, your audience will learn everything they need to know about what you’re selling.

If you really want to make a big impact, a microsite that uses interactive infographics along with other interactive elements is the ideal solution. The site can have exclusive content, games, and interesting facts to augment your marketing.

While microsites last for the duration of a campaign, they take as much work to create as a normal website. As with anything, hiring a professional company that provides interactive infographics and interactive microsite services can make a big difference. They need to have the know-how to develop a microsite, incorporate interactive elements and, of course, have knowledge about digital marketing. It’s really several skill sets to put together. If you don’t take the help of people who know the ins and outs, you’ll lose time, money and the chance to really grow your brand.

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