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design trends 2019


With some new and some existing trends in the field of graphic designing, the year ahead will see a mighty explosion in graphical presentations. Here’s a look at those trends that put the spotlight upon 2019’s graphic designs 2018 has seen manifold diversity in the field of graphic design. Be it webprinteditorialpackage etc. there has been a magnificent flourish of graphic design trends. The creative explosion of 2018 forces to wonder about, what is there in store for 2019? Let’s analyse a list of graphic design trends, which are likely to be used in new projects that would decide its prospect.

3D – Choice of New Generation

Over the last few years, the 3D trend has received a fantastic response and has etched a stable ground in the graphic designing industry. Considering the huge acceptance of this technique, masterpieces in the 3D design are sure to be seen in plenty in 2019. Presumably, motion graphics will see more of 3D trend in days to come and will create a heavy impact upon the viewers. This flourishing trend will take the generation to a new future by recreating an alternative reality.

 Design by: Santi Zaraidez




To keep pace with improving device display, designers use a variety of colours that are richer in quality and bolder in shade, keeping aside the soft pastel hues. With a variety of colour gradient and transitions being used, designs and backgrounds look more attractive. The gradient trend has seen a lot of to and fro, however, the approach to the gradient in today’s date is way more modern and inviting. This trend will be uplifted to its best to produce more intriguing visuals, in the year to come. With big companies like Microsoft, Apple taking up the bolder colours in their design style, the surge in the latest gradient trend is certain.

7-3 (1)



Metallic Perk

Metallics have been in trend for almost a decade now and 2019 will only take this up higher, especially in fashion and interiors. Graphic designing is no exception to this trend. Probabilities are there that golden and iridescent can show up on package designs in the coming year. Metallic look good on a black or white base, but 2019 might see the use of golden on different other striking base colours. Other than colours, foil stamping makes print collaterals look luxurious and perky. Hence, the use of metallic elements is certainly a trend to look for in graphic designs of 2019.

 Design by: MM Wong


Design by: Ivan Venkov

Creative Typography

Typography is an integral part of graphic design and with newer tools, designers have been experimenting with typography like never before. Some typographic trends fade away in a snap and some other typographic trends stick around for several years. Be it 3D typography or flat, liquefied or metallic, what matters is its impact. Creative yet simple should be the feel of the typography. Fonts and letters have the capacity to make a creation look stylish and convey the textual information in the most impactful manner to the onlookers. However, to keep it playful, creators tend to combine different font weights, density and orientation. Such messy fancy typography will continue to be the trend of 2019





Hand-drawing Digitalization

To create an out-of-the-box design, there should be some chaotic elements and colour bursts. This doesn’t only make it look fun but also distinguished enough to create a unique impression. Freestyle illustrations and doodles when combined with graphic designing, such classic pieces of art get created. Digitalization of hand drawings makes for brilliant alternatives and fresh ideas. This can be fetched in different ways. Your creation could be completely hand-drawn and goes without any digital alteration. The other option could be you add hand-drawn elements on a digital portrait or landscape. Digitalized hand-drawn graphics expand the scope for originality. This high-on-demand trend can only continue to be experimented more in 2019.






Electric Colour Effects

Every year, there’s a colour trend that continues to be voguish all year round. In 2018, the colour of the year has been Ultra Violet. This does not only appear like a luxurious magnetic colour on mobile screens and other digital devices but also offers a very modern and contemporary appeal. Naturally, graphic designers have preferred using shades of purple and blue all year round in 2018 to making web designs, package designs, print designs etc. Such bright electric colours coupled with cosmic themes like shimmering space dust, starbursts etc. have been dominating the choice of graphic designers. 2019 will definitely see compositions in this eclectic colour trend.


Design By: Alexander Jegel


Design by: Alexander Clark


Asymmetrical Layout

Gone are the days of predictable symmetrical layouts. Millennials believe in layouts with shaken – up creativity that’s absolutely unpredictable and uniquely asymmetric too. This trend is, however, much-needed to cater to digital competition. Only such newer perspectives can make it more approachable to the audience. Similar to 2018, asymmetric layout or a broken grid will continue to be followed in 2019 as well. This way, the year will surely see a trend of breaking the age-old patterns




Pop Colours

While the minimalistic design has been the favourite of 2018, use of bold and powerful colours has continued to be in vogue too. Electric yellows, bright corals, magnetic blues are among the futuristic colours that are replacing the conservative shades day by day. It is most likely that the graphic designers will be combining 3D visual techniques with this pop colour palette in 2019.  Vivid colours have already been introduced in Apple graphics.



Source:  Apple

Source: Global Fund Children Report


Source: Muse-du-Bas-Saint-Laurent

Negative Space Designing

There’s a massive comeback in negative space graphic designing. The practice of using space in the negative is known yet an unusual concept. Negative space designing seeks to creatively fill in the empty spaces with some ideas. It is often through negative space designed backdrop that interesting stories and pictures get created.  This creative skill might get relived in 2019.







Minimalist Elements

When the presentation of overloaded information creates a clutter, an artsy sample through simple, to-the-point and minimal elements, comes as a gush of fresh oxygen. This trend helps create a clean design that fetches 100% acceptance from the onlookers. Among the other benefits of minimalistic graphics are, faster loading time of web pages and better screen-size compatibility. Google Search is by far the perfect example of minimalistic design. The home page focuses upon the primary search function, not giving much blow to the other unnecessary uses. Such futuristic patterns are definitely more impactful. While minimalist designing will continue to be in vogue, graphic designers might just play with colours to create alluring visuals.





While the above-mentioned features are among the go-to trends for 2019, distracting elements will take a backseat. These trends, when implemented into interesting graphics creations, will certainly capture the imagination of the onlookers. Let’s all wait and watch what the New Year has in store for the graphic designing genre of art.