GodSpeed Group: Redesigning WorkForce


GodSpeed Group: Redesigning WorkForce

GodSpeed Workforce, a Canadian-based staffing agency, wanted to redesign its websites and supply chain business. Here’s the behind-the-scenes design story of how that was achieved.

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The Ask

GodSpeed Group, a top Staffing Agency in Canada, offers superior workforce solutions for various staffing requirements. Their goal was to upgrade their brand image and appeal to upscale clients. To achieve this, they collaborated with Visual Best to comprehensively overhaul their website, ensuring it reflects their objectives and ambitions.

GodSpeed focused on boosting its brand visibility, targeting high-end customers and key stakeholders with a modernized website. Their former site needed help to convey their services and engage users effectively and clearly. Visual Best, renowned for its proficiency in web design and user experience, undertook the challenge of revamping GodSpeed’s digital footprint.

The Challenge

We faced significant challenges with GodSpeed Group’s existing brand image and user interface. The primary goals of the website redesign included:

Brand Enhancement: The new design was targeted to position GodSpeed Group as a top-tier player in the staffing industry, elevating its credibility and appealing to high-value clients.

Improved User Experience: GodSpeed’s previous website needed help with user engagement and usability. The redesign aimed to deliver a smooth, intuitive browsing experience, making it more straightforward for visitors to navigate and interact with their staffing services.

Strong Visual Branding: Besides enhancing the overall user experience, the redesign focused on creating a visually striking brand identity. This involved developing a distinctive and memorable visual style that would resonate with and attract their target market, setting GodSpeed apart in the competitive staffing landscape.

Ash Tandon

The redesigned website is a gem, and Visual Best made this possible. Just Brilliant!

Ash Tandon

CEO at Godspeed Group

Behind the Scene

Ash Tandon

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